About GAR Plastics

Innovation, reliability, and being at the forefront of environmental solutions are the guiding principles of GAR Plastics, Inc. A green approach to recycling plastics provides a more profitable way for manufacturers to operate and improve our environment.

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Our commitment to innovation has allowed GAR Plastics to grow consistently for over 30 years, and our dedication to customer service makes us a leader in the plastics recycling industry. We work with our clients individually to provide tailored solutions to fit their needs. Furthermore, our employees are afforded the opportunity to grow and reach their goals to promote a positive environment.

At GAR Plastics, we work hard every day to demonstrate better business practices, and a better environment that can benefit everyone, both internal and external.

GAR Plastics, Inc.: Mission Statement

Provide the most innovative recycling solutions for the plastic industry while implementing a personalized approach for each of our clients.

Call us today at (920) 623-5775 for more information or to place an order, or Email a Sales Rep: sales@garplastics.com.