High quality resin from our top–of-the-line plastics processing facility

The GAR Plastics processing and recycling facility is designed to efficiently clean and process plastic materials. We feature the latest equipment and techniques to provide our clients a reliable source of a wide variety and volume of clean recycled resins. Our facility also features an FDA certified food grade processing area. Toll processing is available to cost-effectively convert your scrap into usable materials.


GAR’s production lines include:

  • PE Wash Line– Removal of dirt and contaminants.
  • Float Sink – Removal of contaminates
  • Aspirate – Separates different sizes and removal of some contaminants
  • Grinding – Size reduction
  • Shredding – Size reduction often used with the Grinding process
  • Pelletizing – Turning material into uniform pellets
  • Material Identification

Packaging and shipping.

GAR provides pick-up and delivery services, as well as, dependable packaging to your specification. Boxes to bails –  we can accommodate whatever works best for your company.

GAR Plastics Processing Image 2 - Shipping

Call us today at (920) 623-5775 for more information or to place an order or Email a Sales Rep: sales@garplastics.com