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black HIPS high impact polystyrene repro pellets

Your dependable source for the highest quality HIPS and other recycled resins.

Save Time, Save Money.

GAR Plastics is a trusted supplier of top-quality post-industrial (PIR) and post-consumer (PCR) recycled resin products to the Plastic Industry. As a reliable full-service recycling facility, we offer our clients the ability to confidently supplement virgin material with recycled resin to improve their bottom line while promoting positive environmental benefits. What does this mean? GAR Plastics is the best place to save time, money, and the environment by utilizing recycled resin!

Green Means Something to Us.

Buying, Converting, and Selling material is what we enjoy doing. Ensuring we do our part in preventing plastics from ending up in our ecosystem is a massive driving factor in our organizational goals. 

Check Out the Credentials!

We lab test all compounded resins and provide a Certificate of Analysis to our customers. Additionally, GAR Plastics is an FDA-approved food and liquid-safe recycled resin provider (Cert# PNC 003030). Therefore, we are a complete to-spec material solution for virtually any project you have.

baled plastic scrap for recycling

Buying Scrap Materials:

At GAR Plastics, as a scrap plastic buyer, we constantly look for reliable streams of recyclable plastics. We utilize a wide array of plastic types within our recycling facility. Below is a list of plastic types that we primarily process.

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