Our Capabilities.

The GAR Plastics processing and recycling facility is designed to efficiently clean and process plastic materials. We feature the latest equipment and techniques to provide our clients with a reliable source of a wide variety of clean, recycled resins.

We Do.

GAR Plastics has a complete array of equipment to process recycled plastic from start to finish. We have many lines at each process step to produce a large volume per hour without ever sacrificing quality.

Our Capabilities:

Grinder Knife

Our grinder knife sharpening service offers a fast, easy, and reliable service for keeping your blades sharp and efficient.

Our specialized equipment and skilled technicians are set up to sharpen your blades quickly and precisely, allowing you to return to work faster and produce a more consistent product.

With our service, you can be sure that your blades will stay sharp and ready to process with ease

& Shipping

GAR provides pickup and delivery services and dependable packaging to your specification. Well-wrapped boxes of material are our expectation, so we always put our best foot forward.

We can typically accommodate whatever freight arrangement best suits your company, from staged trailers to consistent freight coordination for just-in-time pickup and deliveries.