Toll Services

At our cutting-edge recycling facility, we efficiently process a wide range of plastic materials, preparing them for industrial reuse. With our Toll Services, you’ll only incur charges for transportation and a reasonable processing fee tailored to your specific requirements. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of the services we offer, ensuring a cost-effective and streamlined approach to meet any of your recycling needs.

If you have any questions regarding toll processing, feel free to reach out by phone or email to talk to someone from our team!


Grinding / Shredding

We offer scrap shredding and further size reduction services for most plastics. This will allow you to utilize scrap and reduce waste!



Pelletization is our bread and butter here at GAR. We can grind and pelletize your material into a uniform, ready-to-run stock.


Material Cleaning & Sorting

Utilizing our state-of-the-art equipment, we can clean, sort, and remove most contaminants in scrap materials.


Identification & More!

Our lab can identify most polymers along with their properties, among many more services!

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