HMWPE Plastic

High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

At GAR Plastics, we are committed to delivering the highest caliber of recycled High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE) plastic. Our expertise extends to processing this material from virtually any shape or size, transforming it into a uniform regrind material of exceptional quality. Whether it’s floor sweeps or pressure pipes, we possess the capabilities to handle HMWPE in all its forms. This extrusion-grade material is primarily utilized for sheet extrusion, followed by a final thermoforming process. Post-processing, our recycled HMWPE material is predominantly available in the form of mixed color regrind.

We take immense pride in presenting an eco-conscious solution to businesses looking to minimize their environmental footprint. Our recycling services represent a sustainable approach to reducing waste and conserving resources, contributing to a greener future while saving your company serious cash. We sincerely appreciate your consideration in GAR Plastics for your HMWPE plastic recycling needs. Rest assured, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality and sustainability, ensuring a positive impact on both your operations and the environment.

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HDPE Plastic
HMWPE Plastic

HMWPE Material Rundown:

Common Proerties:

  • 8-14 HLMI
  • 6-8 HLMI (Drum Grade)

Common Uses:

  • Automotive dunnage
  • Pressure pipe
  • Thermoformed parts

Our HMWPE Colors:

Typically Mixed Color regrind for Black.