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PP Plastic


GAR Plastics proudly offers recycled Polypropylene (PP) plastic as a versatile thermoplastic polymer available in both extrusion and injection grades. Within our recycling facility, we utilize specialty machinery and processes to deliver top-grade PP recycling solutions. Our beginning to end capabilities encompass washing, shredding, grinding, and pelletizing this material, ensuring its quality and suitability for your various applications.


We provide Polypropylene material in two primary forms: regrind and reprocessed pellets. This versatility allows our clients to choose the form that best aligns with their specific needs and production processes as well as balancing our processing costs to save you some cost. Whether you require PP for extrusion or injection molding, GAR Plastics is your trusted source for sustainable, clean, high-quality recycled Polypropylene materials, right here in Wisconsin.

PP Material Rundown:

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