Wash Line

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The GAR Plastics wash line is a specially engineered system tailored to effectively cleanse and segregate plastics contaminated by many types of foreign substances. Our commitment to delivering the highest-quality recycled material necessitates a thorough and robust approach to this task.

Our advanced multi-line and multi-step process is at the heart of our wash line’s efficiency. It rigorously washes and separates the plastic materials, removing contaminants to ensure a pristine end product. After the washing and float/sink process is done, we subject the washed material to a 40-minute drying cycle at 190 degrees Fahrenheit. This meticulous drying process not only removes any remaining moisture but also guarantees that our clients consistently receive regrind of the highest caliber, ready to use, every time.

The resulting material stands ready for integration into your manufacturing processes, contributing to the efficiency and quality of your operations as well as providing your company with measurable cost savings. At GAR Plastics, our wash line exemplifies our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch recycled materials to our valued clients at competitive prices.

Our Wash Line Can Remove:

  • Gravel
  • Dirt
  • Oil
  • Metal
  • Other contaminates

GAR Plastics also offers the option of toll processing your plastic scrap to your specifications. Contact Us for a quote today!